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MWC and MACC Food Pantry - volunteer opportunity

The MWC is helping MACC another way! Please sign up - bring your families and friends! Next weekend: November 16th & 17th and the 23rd & 24th, MACC Food Pantry will be the recipients of a food drive that is happening in conjunction with ASM(ambulance service of Manchester), Stop and Shop and Highland Park Markets. On the 17th and the 23rd we need people to unload the Ambulances and the MACC SUV as they arrive on property and put it away. The times are 11am-6pm with the greatest need being from 1pm-6pm.

A note from Patti Gregory at MACC: In need of volunteers from 9-2 November 29th(Black Friday) and Nov 30th to help prep and serve the meals in The Community Kitchen. If you can do either of those times please feel free to: email me at PGregory@macc-ct.org text or call me at (860)327-1226 (THIS IS THE BEST OPTION) or call my office at (860) 647-8003 ext 12. (NOTE THIS IS THE WEEKEND THE MANCHESTER WOMEN'S CLUB NORMALLY HELPS OUT. PLEASE CONSIDER VOLUNTEERING!)

*Disclaimer: If you are currently using MACC services( pantry, kitchen)or have in the past year, you cannot participate in/or volunteer in any group events involving MACC.*

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